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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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management i picked a local girl because she's demonstrated her ability to recognize community and i like to see our residents top the leadership roles. by the way, i understand that she does a chinese new years eve with her dad so we'll be able to do martial arts (laughter) >> i'm so glad to be here with the celebration of the second-story of target opening up but with the hiring that's sensitive to what we all inside to see. it's my pleasure to give a proclamation i know the board will join me to saying in the
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the west target day in san francisco (clapping) >> (barking). >> go bullseye. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much. thank you so much mayor it's such a pleasure to have you here tonight we want to thank you for your vision and leadership. next (clapping) next i'd like to introduce the executive vp of the area eric mcdonald has helped his knowledge and understanding of the bay area has helped strengthen our relationship in
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the community. ladies and gentlemen, eric mcdonald >> good evening, everyone i say welcome because you're in my neighborhood. so native san franciscan it's the neighborhood i grew up in but also, because in this building in this space is where i spend my afternoons my mother worked in the receiving department and i had to come after school. so i want to say that's tlooiflg u thrilling to be here. more importantly it's important to see target growing in this city. the community is intrinsic to the value of the organization and it shows up from to that to bottom. we love the team members who
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show up in community giving of their time and talents in our schools. at hill street it was chavez before that. in and through unit campaigns they've give. we've celebrated 90 years and target was a major part of this partnership vested $100,000 in our beacons initiative so on behalf of unit way our community at large we're thrived target is here and we look forward to them growing as they invest more and
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more of themselves so thank you very much (clapping) >> thank you so much eric we're getting an awesome crowd. i want to introduce supervisor farrell. so supervisor farrell i'd like to invite you up (clapping) >> thanks so much it's hard to believe we're here today. we've been working on this project i want to thank all who made this happen it takes from the teams. i want to thank targeted not only for all the giving but coming into this location and also another person who is heading up the project. they've been hiring a lot of local people especially from the
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western edition so it took a village and i want to thank everyone involved. my mother didn't work here but i came when it was a sears and recognize. this is about creating jobs as mayor lee mentioned it's also about rehe storing a shopping center people didn't want to come. thooim i'm thrived to be here. i'm going to remember most is my son jack and i were the first customers hearing here at target (clapping) and that was the first item officially purchased in target tonight (clapping) >> thank you so much supervisor and thank you for helping us find an amazing home here per we love the shopping center and
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thank you for the sale we appreciate it. now guys before i invite you all out to shop i want to invite tiffany and her team back up here so we can cut the ribbon and ingratiate our store.
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5, 4, 3, 2, 1. yeah. (clapping) go bullseye. (barking)
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(clapping) let's start this evening with an announcement. nobody ever believed there's a free lunch but that truck is back there with free food. come forward a little bit that would be really nice. so we'll thank you all for coming tonight. in the an incredibly exciting day since my wedding and my wife is here to firm. i want to start by acknowledging
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johnson and john they're great to be working with. we're looking forward to work further with them. of course, the mayor would like if johnson and johnson would most of their haubdz here. there are 3 people who have made in work my colleagues doug and brian. those two have made this happen to a round of applause for them (clapping.) but the third person who's been behind the screen pulling the strings that made this work on time we signed the leased in december of last year that's actually, the mayor of san francisco mayor ed lee. it's a delight to have him here and say a few words.
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mayor (clapping.) well rich thank you very much. i know you can't think of a better way to celebrate 10 years of having this open up to companies like g.e. coming hero to provide a lot of great equipment for start ups. i had my exposure to some of the folks. apprehending you're going to be able to wear a patch that tells us everything that's going ♪ our body. there's a virnd e vending machine you can find golf things in. it's incredible. this is another center and i'm surprised but yet not shocking that would be in danger patch
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because we're trying to make a lot of things happen in danger patch well. this is a great incubator 25 companies it's filled already with a lot of talent to match the talent i know that midgets by the way, is having with the qb laurdz or headquarters what talent like many folks that have joined some 25 people and administrators in uc st. all creating life changing inventions i think will be incredibly useful. this is the role of life science it is why years ago mayor replenishing and newsom and now i get it add my years of support
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to build this incredible innovation center the life science center we we call mission bay and a dog patch. i want to give a shout out to j cross-examination morgan chase they'll given us a gift. that's incredibly wonderful (clapping.) and again, i think it nurtures the whole spirit of our city. this is the innovation capital of world. i keep saying that and every time i turn around there's another example that were this is the melting right here of what's been happening in mission bay it invites so much of our young talent to join the successful efforts of large and small companies the talent that
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uc provides. we only have a small role in the city we realize how important it is about timing. and when people need it our staff comes through with it. i thank todd and others who are working with him because when the call comes in we need something it act fast to keep the most memory done they're there they take me out every tuesday for a new technology venture. but right here in our dog patch in mission bay a lot of things will happen. i will tell you it excites not only me but business ventures it exists the youth of our city. apprehending those laboratories will be occupied by people that will be collecting here and interning here because a they
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want to be next to people that are inventing new things. we're going to continue the success of the city arnold thank you and dui i didn't for that private-publ private-public talent. i will be coming back to find other things to brag about across the country to other mayors. thank you (clapping.) one of the great things about being in san francisco it's such a fantastic community and sometimes unexpectedly things happen. and this is what happened we hadn't been thinking about
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disadvantaged youth and all of a sudden this came from jp morgan. it's wonderful to have alice here to talk about what they're thinking. alice (clapping (clapping.) how about another shout out for doug and registration. job well done. i'm alice rodriguez i manage the banking team and on behalf of my colleagues again congratulations and welcome to everybody. you know, at that time when small businesses are important to the economic growth to the city and the country this is the kind of stuff we're provide to be participating at y public works morgan. we're trying to understand how
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we can help spur that economic growth. we're proud of the $250,000 gift it's going to support allow some disadvantaged youth to come in and see the imperial spirit. we see our partnerships and wish you all the luck. thank you. (clapping) >> now we only have two people special guests we want to say a few words were this gentleman is from milwaukee to talk about his experience. explaining >> again, thank you for veil having me out and congratulations for a wonderful opening p i work to general
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electric. the relationship we've had with uc sf and san francisco is a long time ago. we installed a horsepower company that helped with the electricity and perhaps one of the most things in the debt of the depression this man a thinking about forming a new company and e-mailed in his plantation who formed hewitt packard. we've got over the time we're a supplier to you.
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we like to buy our research and we partner on a bunch of projects. there was a project that was near impossible everybody said it couldn't be done we brought it to san francisco from the engineering from berkley they came together and it criminal paper was published in august. san francisco general a a world leadership and then maybe we moved out of the steam age and went to electricity but we think in the room you can see a lot of our equipment. we're happy to be a partner with san francisco and california to bring this forward so thank you very much
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(clapping.) as those of you who have taken the tour the suppliers have helped to make this environment a successful one. the last person is someone who's been with qb c has been a guide and it's a great pleasure to ask park evens and myers to come up broke >> so how many cities have a mayor that can name science. i don't think any other than san francisco it's amazing. but we're here to celebrate this combrart. i have been in incubators all over the world i've never seen one like this. it's done with care ease one thing we know about science it's
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all about teams. there's a special individual or a great idea but it's how teams win. the way it's put together in the shared labs and the dynamic dow conceived the garage. how many of you have gotten a tour of the facilities. then you know they started in the q v b believe and had a desk and lab beverage and maybe if they progressed this was do you go brainchild to now so many applicants they've created 4 hundred jobs by all the companies they've started. 62 companies are in the garages down there and it's not like the
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affidavit packard or hewitt's those are good. and start up in a box to teach scientists how to start a company should they start one and how they go about it one hundred and 40 teams have done that in this incubator. and loophole investors have put in $40 million to create future winners. but back to qb 3 it's the concept of intersection. a lot of great creativity month creativity happens at the intersection of disciplines and that's itself fundamental concept that registration and doug and all the people at u sf
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have grounding gone in with great attitudes. this is about entrepreneurs. it's about building companies but at the end of the day it's about the patients. congratulations registration and doug and everybody involved with qb 3 (clapping.) so let me say to wrap up by saying? now the phase of an end for us now that the building is up and we're celebrating this part of it and now it's frowning it's not doug it's going to become the quality of the start ups. you brought in $150 million through the angel funding and start of box. that's an amazing contribution to the economy of san francisco.
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so start ups are starting to change. doug and i are going to make you guys be as successful as you can and have free food all right.l
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>> brinkman. >> here. director lee. >> present. >> lee nolan. >> present. >> president director ramos is anticipated director. you have a forum. >> announcement of prohibition of sound producing devices during the meeting. similar sound devices are prohibited and any person responsible for bun going off may be asked to leave the meeting. cell phones on vibrate do cause microphone interference and we ask that they're placed in the off. discussion and vote pursuant to administrative code section 67.100dd as to whether approval of minutes.. q. second. >> all in favor say


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